About the blog

Welcome to The National Lottery Blog – a place where we hope to bring you all sorts of interesting, fun, educational, insightful and inspiring content to do with winning, dreams, changing lives and Lottery HQ!

Watch out for ideas on great days out at locations that you’ve helped fund by playing our games, chances to take part in great events and competitions, inspiration for holidays, weddings, things to do on bank holidays in the UK, exclusive behind the scenes at Lottery HQ and answers to lottery-related ‘things’ you’ve always wanted to know.

It will, of course, also feature winners (but not all six million of them each week!) and those people whose lives you have helped change through National Lottery Projects.

And it wouldn’t be a National Lottery blog without keeping you updated on the ‘Rich List’, the latest, most expensive things to buy, luckiest star signs, or – as times may call for – the most ludicrous things you could spend your winnings on!

We also hope that players will come visit us at Lottery HQ and blog about their experiences, so look out for future invitations.