Kerry Poxzon celebrates her Lotto jackpot win

Best belated Birthday present ever!

Single mum of two scooped the Lotto jackpot of £1,171,812 – but was so busy with her children and work that she did not realise for almost three weeks!

Kerry Poxon, from Nottingham, only checked her numbers – which had been stuck on her fridge – during the half-term holiday when she finally had some time off to spend with her two young sons.

The 44-year-old, who celebrated her birthday on 16 May oblivious to the fact she was a millionaire, said:

“I couldn’t believe it when the numbers on my phone matched those on my ticket; I thought my phone may have had some kind of bug so I checked on my iPad as well. When those numbers matched as well I thought I must be going mad so called my dad and asked him to check for me again. When he said they matched I was just in shock. It wasn’t until I watched the draw on YouTube that I allowed myself to believe that it may actually be true!

“To think my ticket worth over a million pounds, had been stuck on my fridge all this time is unbelievable. It’s a dream come true.”

Kerry, a pharmacy assistant, plans to spend her winnings on a home for her and her sons as well as ensuring her win secures her children’s future. She is also hoping for a career change by going back into education to pursue a career in the health sector.